Wysowa Zdrój i swimming pool

Wysowa Zdrój is a picturesque spa village located in vast valley. Thanks to large wooded territory of the surrounding mountains, it has a great microclimate and is rich in mineral waters which have significant healing values. In Wysowa Zdrój you can treat such diseases as: digestive system disorders, respiratory tract disorders, urinary tract disorders, osteoarticular system disorders, muscular system and connective tissue as well as chronic renal failure, diabetes, obesity and other overfeeding syndromes, and consequences of  hyper alimentation and diabetic nephropathy.

The attractions in Wysowa include health resort park which was founded in the second half of the 19th century with a total area of about 2 ha.

Throughout the park you can find many specimens of 100-150 years old park trees, including chestnut, maple and oak. The part also has abstractions of mineral waters and antique Stary Dom Zdrojowy from the early 1900s. Within the park there also is a stylish Pump Room. The current building was built in 2006 which is a perfect reconstruction of former pump room that was built in the interwar period on the basis of a project by Karol Stryjewski and which was burnt down in 1963. In the pump room you can try 5 types of Wysowian mineral waters and purchase gifts. In the park there also is natural medicine plant, mineral water bottler “Wysowianka" belonging to "Uzdrowiska Wysowa" S.A. Besides, you can also find a concert shell, playground for children, numerous aisles and benches for resting. A number of regular cultural events such as Red Pine Mushroom Fest, May Day Picnic, Summer Music Sessions, Meeting with Opera.

In the health resort park there also is small but modern Water park which was opened in 2012. The building architecturally makes up a coherent whole with other facilities within the park.

Wysowa is also a crossing of marked tourist trails and entry point to the highest Western ranges of the Low Beskids.