Local events

Uście Gorlickie commune is surely an interesting land in terms of tourism and sightseeing that attracts more and more tourists. From the viewpoint of tourism, you can find a number of interesting annual cultural events which promote cultural heritage of the region. They are not just about entertainment. They present an opportunity to maintain human relations and share local traditions from generation to generation. Those events play an important part of local community awareness. They offer meetings, discussions and creating specific multicultural community.

Here are some of interesting events:

- Dzikie Stoły - an open-air restaurant organised by the Low Beskids Association

Łemkowska Watra - Lemko culture festival organised in Zdynia by Lemko Union. The scene hosts bands and theatrical groups for three days. It is accompanied by expositions, competitions, demonstrations of traditional crafts, movie screenings as well as meetings with authors and literary discussions. Also, Lemko Spartakiada and plenty of other events and games for children take place. 

- Hucul Days – organised by Hucul Horses Stable. This event attracts horse enthusiasts. It is aimed at promoting and popularising the Hucul horse. The event is a scene of sports competitions such as marathon, Hucul’s path, show jumping. Apart from that, breeding demonstrations take place.   

- Red Pine Mushroom Holiday- organised by Stary Dom Zdrojowy in Wysowa Zdrój. Mushroom and in particular red pine mushroom enthusiasts gather in Wysowa in autumn weekends. The event begins with red pine mushroom hunting, which simply means that participants go to woods and pick them up. The programme includes among others competitions, culinary shows, mushroom exhibition appearing in Low Beskids woods. Besides, there are workshops and fair of handicraft.

- Drama meetings Innowica - organised by The Association of the Friends of Nowica and Greek-Catholic Youth Brotherhood Sarepta in a small village Nowica. The event somewhat unites folk art with the professional one, there appear both amateurs as well as famous actors and creators. This event with each year has a greater number of enthusiasts, and the meetings became a solid part of cultural life in the Low Beskids.