We have a chance to appreciate the beauty of the mountains when taking hiking trails. Mild ridges, rapid streams, meadows and fields full of flowers and herbs make this place extremely charming. The network of trails for hiking is well developed. You can plan both shorter and longer trips. The highest peak of the Low Beskids is Busow with its 1002 metres above sea level located on the Slovakian side, and Lackowa with its 997 m metres above sea level on the Polish side – mainly for experienced hikers.

Less experienced tourist and families can go for a walk to 813 m high Magura Małastowska, first by asphalt road to Banica from which you can take the blue trail that leads towards chalet. The chalet itself is amazingly charming where you can drink hot tea, cold beverages or taste delicious peasant-style dumplings. The inside can astonish you as you order, collect and pay for meals through a “wooden lift” – which it itself is worth visiting. Currently, the chattel is renovated, still it is open.

Hiking is the Cemetery on Rodunta peak is a must. It is somewhat ‘hallmark’ of cemeteries from the World War I with its beautiful, impressive inscription. You can get there by the red trail from Popowe Wierchy. You can also drive a car to Regietów and climb Rotunda starting from Warsaw-based Student Association of Beskidy Mountain Guides, also by the red trail.

Besides, we invite you to take a walk around Gładyszów, gravel roads leading often to the woods and meadows surrounding the village give unlimited possibilities to actively spend free time in an open air.