The level of air and water pollution as well as noise pollution in our region is almost insignificant which is reflected in the natural, unpolluted environment, unique plant and animal species. Good environmental status that results from the lack of big urban areas and industrial facilities makes that natural plant communities, i.e. mainly beech and fir woods cover 60% of the commune area. Clean air, soil, waters and woods are rich in beneficial and wholesome products such as nectars from flowers and trees which are collected by bees and are found everyday on our table as bee honey.  

And this top quality honey is offered to you by "Pod Brzozą" Apiary kept by our parents Anna and Kazimierz Madzula.

Types of honey we offer:

- Multi-flower honey
- Rape honey
- Buckwheat nectar honey
- Lime nectar honey
- Honeydew nectar honey
- Coniferous honeydew honey


- Bee breed
- Bee breed in honey
- Beeswax

Bee honey is a natural product made from flower nectar or honeydew. The bees collect juices from nectar and honeydew and are later processed in beehive and enriched with substances produced by bees (such as enzymes). Thanks to the work of bees, the honey gradually matures and is stored in sealed honeycombs. Good honey sooner or later crystalizes. The crystallization of spring honey is as fast as several days following harvest of honey. It happens so because of increased content of glucose. Honey with higher content of fructose, for example acacia honey, does not crystalize longer which lasts several months and even a whole year. Crystallization of honey does not affect its nutrition and medical properties. The honey gets brighten by crystallisation, e.g. the dark fluid honeydew gets light-grey-green colour.

Pollen is male reproductive cell produced by flowers from different plants. The bees collect pollen from the flowers, then mix it with some honey, nectar, saliva and in the form of formed balls - pollen basket – they bring it to the hive, place in the nest (combs) where it is fermented. Thus conserved pollen is called bee bread.

Bee breed has significantly higher nutrition value than pollen, it has better assimilability and a richer chemical composition. It is food with high protein, vitamin, minerals and biotic substances content. It possesses very good medicinal, detoxifying, anti-depressing, allergic, antiatherosclerotic, antibiotic effects, besides it regulates digestion, cures prostate disorders, diabetes, it improves eyesight and has anti-inflammatory and cosmetic properties. This wonderful substance should be a vital part of our diet, especially in people who suffer from above disorders.