For children

Are you wondering where to go for vacation? Well, then you’re in the right place.

Our cottage is friendly for families with children, we guarantee a friendly and family atmosphere and delicious cuisine any poor eater will adore.

We prepared a number of facilities for our little guests such as baby bath tub, baby changing table, feeding chair, heater for bottles and desserts, platform for wash basin or covers for toilet seat. We also have comfortable little beds with bars.

The house is full of green and safe areas. Children can play tag game, run freely, play team games; we have several balls and badminton rackets. Behind the house, in the backyard, there is a playground with a large trampoline, house and slide, swings and climbing wall as well as sandbox.

Apart from that, we have a shelter with tables and benches which children can use for drawing during a day, and in the evening you can eat a sausage fried on the campfire.

Children can observe animals (cows and horses) grazing on fields, and the more curious ones can visit the stable and see where the milk comes from :) We can also arrange discussions about life and importance of bees in nature and watch bees in a glass beehive.

We have our own garden with vegetables and fruits that we use in the summer, and children can see beetroot leaves, see how fast cucumbers grow, and if bean really needs poles. Besides, the raspberries we pick fresh out from the bush are most delicious in the world, and sugar peas will push any sweet snacks aside.

In a close neighbourhood there is a stream on which you can build a stone dam, and more catchy eyes will see crayfish. You can also take a trip to the woods and see how clever beavers undercut trees and make a dam out of them. You can also see rare species of birds living in the Low Beskids.

In case of rain, children can use a playroom in the house where they can play table football. There also are different toys, bricks, crayons and board games.