place to relax. Diversified terrain shape, vast areas of woods, numerous rivers and streams make up a unique landscape that can enchant any tourist. Natural values have a significant impact on attractiveness of our region and encourage to visit it. Clean environment, air, mineral waters, unique species of animals and plants make this place perfect for rest and regeneration. The nature fascinates with its diversity, closeness and availability at any time in the year. Mountain peaks lower than 1000 metres above sea level are available even for less experienced people for whom walking tourism is a way of relaxation and a way get away from problems of everyday life. Overcoming differences in altitude does not require much physical preparation, but can be tiring.

The Low Beskids is still a virgin area, the beautiful landscape intertwines with tragic history of this place and people. Ubiquitous traces of Lemko culture with magnificent architectural design Orthodox churches, old and abandoned Lemko-style hats, numerous crosses and roadside chapels, hidden cemeteries, displaced and destroyed villages with open door in a symbolic way – to not forget…

If you decide to stay at our cottage, you will have a number of chances to explore history of this region, to conquer the mountains, delight the beauty of vast valleys, have a close contact with nature and to observe wild animals.