Our cuisine

By arriving at our cottage, you accept that we provide you with meals – breakfast are served at 9 am and dinners at 6 pm.

We offer delicious home-made meals which is energetic, simple and healthy as we partially use our own ‘grown’ food, but we also use products of other farmers which reflects in quality and taste of meals which are naturally without additives. We serve satiated and varied breakfasts, tasty copious meal dinners with stewed fruits and desserts. Our specialty is red borscht and Russian-style dumplings (zlepieńce) which are served with red pine mushrooms picked on local woods. Surely, the dumplings will win your hearts!

We can prepare vegan and gluten-free meals and other courses as far as possible, after advance arrangement and for extra charge. We do not collect extra charge for vegetarian meals.

The form and nature and undeniable exquisite taste of meals is one of main reasons why you decide to visit Malowane Wierchy and why so willingly you go back to us, which we are very pleased with.

On 20.03.2018 we were admitted to the Network of the Culinary Heritage of Małopolska within the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage by The board of the Malopolskie Province.

We grow vegetables, fruits and herbs in garden next to the cottage.

The milk comes from our neighbours’ farmhouse. We use it to make cheese, cream and butter.

We make and smoke meats (sausages, ham, bacon) and bake pâté, roasts and sausages in jar by ourselves.

A vital part in our cuisine plays honey. We use it as a “seasoning’ emphasising taste of a meal, besides, we use it for example in cold beverages.

Our pantry is full with vegetable preserves, juices and jams, plus, it is the woods wealth closed in jars.

You can purchase our preserves, smoked meals, bread as well as honey and apiculture products.